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Window treatments can be a big investment so getting the style, materials and quality you need can be a tricky formula.  First, you need to consider your home’s overall design scheme.  If you are traditional, your window treatments may be the crowning jewel of your room, adding drama and height.  If your tastes lean contemporary, you may be looking for a simple accent that blends into the overall scheme of your room.

Selecting the right materials for your room and lifestyle are an important factor.  Some of the latest trends include exposed wood grains in blinds.  Light woods like maple and birch and bamboo are being seen in finials and pulls.

Bamboo shades are big right now, too.  They come in variety of colors and some include very cool grassy woven accents.

Two additional factors to consider are the amount of privacy and shade you need.  There are a number of blinds and shades that let in diffused light while still providing you with privacy.

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Picking a color scheme you can live with is a huge challenge for most homeowners.  Here are some tips to make the process a little less daunting:

  • If you have a patterned rug or sofa or a large painting, pick a color from that item.  If you’re looking for a more neutral wall color, go with the lightest shades in that item.  If you are looking for drama and impact, go with the more pronounced colors.
  • For a color scheme you can carry throughout your home, work with colors you extract from the main formal areas of the house like your dining room or living room.
  • The safest way to build your color scheme is to go darker on the floors, lighter on the walls and lightest on the ceiling.
  • Decorate your home in colors that look good on you.  If you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing an orange dress, don’t decorate your home in orange.
  • Painting small spaces white won’t make them look bigger.  It’s okay to go with warm colors in small spaces but concentrate on improving lighting and going with simple clean-lined furniture.

More and more homeowners and business owners are opting for laminate flooring over hardwoods, tiles and carpet. Here are some benefits to consider:

  • The color, pattern and finish choices are endless.
  • They are easy to clean.  You can sweep or vacuum dust or grit and now there are many laminate floor cleaners available.
  • Installation is quick.   The panels are designed to click together easily and, in most cases, no adhesive is necessary. Instead, you apply a sheet of underlayment material, and then snap the planks or tiles of the floor into one another. An entire room can usually be finished in just a day or two.
  • Laminate can be installed over almost any existing floor – whether tile, cement or vinyl – so you save time and the expense of removing old floors.
  • Laminate is more fade resistant and scratch resistant than hardwoods that show a lot of wear and tear.
  • Laminates are great for people who suffer from allergies and for people with disabilities who need to move around safely and easily throughout their homes.